Day zero of giving up smoking

Reasons for Quitting

For myself. I’m a slow dive. Smoking and stressing and not sleeping all feed into themselves. There’s at least one thing I can yank out of the cycle.

For my family. Only thing worse than having a dad who stinks of cancer breath - is not having him around at all. I’m in this for the long haul. Love my kids. Love my wife. Love my friends and family.

For the hip pocket. Man smoking is expensive. I could have bought a really nice guitar for what I’ve spent on smokes. Or one heck of a lot of Lego.

Because enough is enough. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to give up. Kidded myself enough times that ‘this is the last packet because…’. Time’s up.

To be a better corporate citizen. Apart from the regular anti-social “thinking time” outside, nothing says “lack of respect” like stinking up the office.

Because it’s lost its cachet. I took up smoking to give up. 10 years without smoking I started again so I could experience going through withdrawals. A bit odd perhaps. But it’s given me things to write about. So write..

Reasons for Quitting: more than a badly framed nerd joke.


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